Graduate Students

  • Xiangyi Fan. Xiangyi is a PhD student in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering. In her current research, she develops decision rule approximations for data driven two-stage/multi-stage distributionally robust optimization via conic programming. In addition, she is also working on a project focused on data-driven distributionally robust chance constrained programming. Her research interests are in distributionally robust optimization, stochastic programming and machine learning. She also had research experience in mixed integer linear programming with an application in large-scale network design before joining Dr. Hanasusanto’s team. His research interests are in convex optimization, machine learning and stochastic optimization. His current research work focuses on developing scalable convex optimization algorithms to solve large scale machine learning problems arising in community detection. In addition, he also works on problems related to sequential decision making under uncertainty. Prior to joining to Dr. Hanasusanto's group, he has also worked on the applications of optimization and game theory in airline scheduling.

  • Yijie Wang. Yijie Wang is a third-year Operations Research Ph.D. student at the University of Texas at Austin, working with professor Grani Hanasusanto. He is interested in convex optimization, distributionally robust optimization, machine learning, queueing theory and algorithms for large scale optimization problems. His current research focuses on developing distributionally robust queueing models and their algorithms. In the summer of 2018, he graduated from Beihang University, with a bachelor's degree in Automation and a minor in Mathematics.

  • Zhuangzhuang Jia. Zhuangzhuang Jia is a second year Ph.D student in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering at UT Austin. His research interests are in stochastic optimization, inverse optimization and machine learning. His current research focuses on the design and analysis of solutions for decision making problems under uncertainty. Prior to joining to Dr. Hanasusanto’s group, he has also worked on the mixed-integer programming in vehicle routing problem with drones.

  • Hyuk Park. Hyuk Park is a second year Ph.D. student in Operations Research & Industrial Engineering at UT Austin. He is interested in stochastic multistage programming, distributionally robust optimization, and simulation. His current research is developing data-driven distributionally robust optimization model for residential solar PV battery operations. He is a South Korean Army officer and worked as a uniformed Operations Research/Systems Analysis researcher before joining the graduate program. He graduated from Korea Military Academy and holds an MS degree in Systems Engineering from George Washington University.


  • Prateek Srivastava (2021, jointly supervised with Dr. Purnamrita Sarkar). PhD thesis: “Robust Solution Schemes for Clustering and Decision-Making Problems under Uncertainty”

  • Areesh Mittal (2019). PhD thesis: “Copositive Programming Approaches for Robust Optimization and Löwner-John Ellipsoid Problems”

  • Madhushini Prasad (2018). PhD thesis: “Approximation Schemes for Network, Clustering, and Queueing Models”